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Oats & coffee handmade loofah soap duo, Gift for Him, All Day Clean body scrub set


Our Oats & Coffee All Day Clean handmade Loofah soaps duo contains: moisturising Shea butter, strawberry & oats natural loofah body scrub – contains natural oats which helps sooth the skin after long working day, and energising Shea butter & coffee handmade loofah body scrub – contains ground coffee for energising shower preparing for what the day may bring. Soaps are based on natural loofah sponge which helps remove dead cell layer for the Shea butter to deep moisturise and nourish. Each loofah soap has easy hanging option for the convenience.

Ingredients: Shea butter soap, oats, ground strawberries, ground Arabica coffee, natural loofah sponge

Weight: 2 x 100g

Paraben Free, Sulphates Free, MPG Free, Vegan

Made by PixyLot in Cork

Please note: Natural product – changes of the colour may occur 

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